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If you are interested in particular artists, views of certain areas of Britain or specific subjects then please send details via the Contact form and I will let you know if anything relevant comes into stock. Please also see the FINDS section to view some of the best pictures to have passed through the gallery in recent years.

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WANTED TO BUY, aa - Old bottles wanted


aa - Old bottles wanted

View of Ashby Lodge, Northamptonshire, After Nicholas Dall

View of Ashby Lodge, Northamptonshire

After Nicholas Dall

Portrait of a young lady, After Richard Cosway, late 19thc.

Portrait of a young lady

After Richard Cosway, late 19thc.

The Watering Place, After Thomas Gainsborough R.A

The Watering Place

After Thomas Gainsborough R.A

Stibbington Hall near Stamford, Attributed to Daniel Hanlon

Stibbington Hall near Stamford

Attributed to Daniel Hanlon

Portrait of a child c. 1685, Attributed to John Meheux

Portrait of a child c. 1685

Attributed to John Meheux

Portrait of a young manservant, British School, circa 1720

Portrait of a young manservant

British School, circa 1720

View of Toddington Manor, Gloucestershire, Circle of David Cox

View of Toddington Manor, Gloucestershire

Circle of David Cox

A gentleman riding past a country house, Circle of William Green

A gentleman riding past a country house

Circle of William Green

The Ballroom at Knole, Cyril Roberts R.B.A, P.S

The Ballroom at Knole

Cyril Roberts R.B.A, P.S


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